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Knauf Global Settlement - Option #2 or #3 Contractor

Chinese Drywall Remediation & Reconstruction

We are aware that you are a class member in the Knauf Global Settlement. We would like you to choose Hansen Homes under Option #2 or #3 in the settlement to remiediate you home.

There are several benefits to choosing Hansen Homes as your contractor under Option #2 or #3. The Benefits are:

  1. We have been in business for over 20 years in Southwest Florida;
  2. We have built over 3,500 homes in the last 10 years;
  3. We have remediated over 80 homes for Knauf within out own builder settlement, so there is no learning curve;
  4. We are efficient and deliver a quality product;
  5. We offer a Hansen Homes' 10 year re-construction warranty should symtoms resurface;
  6. We are a licensed residential contractor in the State of Florida;
  7. We can complete the remediation work in 8 weeks or less from the time we pull the permit; and
  8. We will use the remediation protocol prescribed by Judge Fallon.

Please take a moment to consider the benefits of using Hansen Homes. We look forward to hearing from you, so that we can begin remediating your home. Please feel free to call us at 239-458-2100 or write via email at: Hansenhomesleads@gmail.com

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  • We are a Great Alternative to the "program contractor" being offered through Knauf Global settlement

  • Licensed Residential Contractor

  • Custom rebuild or "back to normal"

  • Hansen Homes' 10 year reconstruction warranty should symtoms resurface

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